writer/web different from writer??

I’m extremely confused and can’t seem to google up anything relevant. I use (what I think is) libre office writer, but the tagline along the top says writer/web, and the set of options/ability I have available seem to be quite a bit less than what is described for writer. For example if I find the instructions to set up a table of contents in my document, the options listed to do so here < Creating a Table of Contents - LibreOffice Help > say to choose indexes and tables from the insert menu: I’ve gone with a fine tooth comb over the entire menu set of EVERYTHING and there is simply no such option!

Right now I have an html file I’m trying to export to doc format. I’m running into a similar issue: when I choose save/export, doc simply isn’t one of the offered formats. I’ve got pdf, odt and sxw and that’s it. I tried “save AS” and gave it a .doc suffix – it saved it as oldname.doc.html !!

So the writer/web seems to be a cut down form/version from writer, but I can’t find any documentation about THAT either!

I am running libreoffice writer version
Build ID: 40m0(Build:2)
Locale: en_US

On Ubuntu 12.04 on one computer and 14.04 on another; both have the same limitation; I got the same version up on both.


Could you possibly attach a screenshot?

Actually, an updated question is - what is the difference between sweb.exe vs swriter.exe?
And can I just use shortcuts to these as opposed to starting first the LiberOffice Main app?