Writer won't save edits

Using an Avery 5689 postcard template created and odt document in which some of the edits have been saved but new edits are not saved. Using Manjaro Linux. Thank you.

If this is a template (.ott)
How did you open the file to edit, and did you save to the template or as .odt?

Are you allowed to change the file?

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You tagged basic. Are you using macros for your job? If not, replace this tag with some other like “avery” or “labels”. Don’t tag common which means the problem is common to all components (Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, …).

You should be careful with tagging. Initially, I skipped your question because I have no skill with macros.

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Recreated the document without using the template and it saves fine. Thank you.

The template is simple so it was easy to recreate without using the template. Thanks again.

It was saved as ODT. Thank you.