Writer - wrong default printer

I have the following problem with Writer:

In the system I have installed several printers. When I open the file menù - printer, the default printer is not the system default printer.
With calc the problem does not occur.

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

Can anyone help me?

Maybe was select a different one in Menu/File/Printer settings.

the default printer is properly selected in the “printer settings”

The fact that you are getting different results with Writer and Calc suggests a possible User Profile corruption that may need to be resolved. The default printer settings are determined by:

; DefaultPrinter: marks the default printer

… in one of these two locations:


The user profile setting should override the install location setting. There is not always a psprint.conf file in the user profile.

I did not find the file psprint.conf in the pc

Try running the spadmin utility. It should be in the same directory as the LO program files.

the utility spadmin is not present on the Pc

Seems fixed in version