writer - zoom to mouse pointer (perhaps on another page) whilst retaining editing/keyboard cursor position

Some applications support zooming into a document toward the current position of the mouse pointer rather than the current position of flashing editing cursor. Such an option allows zooming toward the position of the mouse pointer without having to reposition the cursor (thereby losing focus of the general area you were editing).

This is a massive time saver as it allows rapid moving to an area of a page to cross reference information by quickly zooming to the mouse pointer whilst retaining the editing position (flashing text entry cursor). This allows for immediate typing once reading a desired area without needing to scroll down and zoom back to the cursor before editing (the viewport jumps to where the cursor was left at once beginning typing).

Am aware of ability to have multiple/split windows but the zooming scale is tied to both windows so you cannot zoom in without the other window also zooming in. Additionally this does not really solve the problem of quickly zooming to pointer as you need to manually position the keyboard via slider bars. Given I usually have so many windows open there is generally not enough screen real-estate to have another window open, even if it is tiny.

Does anyone know how to zoom to where the pointer is located whilst retaining the position of the flashing editing cursor? This means that if you zoom in the keyboard cursor may end up off-screen but ideally come back to view at beginning typing. Such a zoom is extremely useful when in multi-page view so that one can zoom out to find bearings zoom into a small section of page to read that information and keep typing.

Suppose there is an information at the bottom corner of the page wish to zoom to. You first must scroll using the regular mouse wheel to the bottom of the page, zoom in (but it only zooms in at the middle of the view. so repeatedly need to zoom in until the view is at a suitable. This is only vertically. You would also need to do the same to reach the right corner.

Anyone know of any features or modes which can help zoom to mouse pointer whilst retaining editing/keyboard cursor position?


It seem to me that you need to post a Request for new feature or enhancement (https://bugs.documentfoundation.org). I think your idea is very useful. If it is your first time, you will need at least half an hour, but it is worth off.