writer zoom weirdly linked in multi window mode

I just started using the writer, multi window mode (the same document in multiple windows, Window → new window), and I really don’t like how zooming is linked between the 2 windows. And on top of that, when resizing the other window, really weird stuff happens in the first window. Is there a way to disable this linked zooming?

I am running arch with i3wm, but I doupt that is the problem since I have the same problem when the windows are floating.

Please edit your question (don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions) to better describe what is at stake. Do you mean you open two views (windows) of the same file? Have you opened two different documents simultaneously?

In both cases, I get independent zoom factors in windows. I run under Fedora 32 with Plasma Desktop (using the default window manager, whatever it is).

This may be a artefact of i3wm (not familiar with it at all).