Writing a book, page numbering

I am trying to write a book in LibreOffice Writer.
The book starts with a cover page, blanco pages, intro, etc.
The main book starts at page 6.
The auto-numbering starts also with page 6.
How can I force the numbering to start with 1 at page 6?
The book can be viewed at: 4.46 MB file on MEGA

You could look at my answer here, Start page numbers from a specific page for a book - #2 by EarnestAl

Or, you could refer to the Writer Guide, download from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides

I can highly recommend http://openoffice-uni.org/ for planning to write a book.

Have you tried to search this site? This question has been answered so many times … Also, have you read https://ask.libreoffice.org/t/this-is-the-guide-how-to-use-the-ask-site/ and (older) Guidelines for asking ? The recommend to mention OS name, LO version and save format.

The same answer is repeatedly given: read first the Writer Guide to get an introduction to styles.

From the way you ask your question, I fear you use Writer like an old mechanical typewriter where everything must be made manually.

A book is structured. It is made of several distinct parts which you rightfully descrive as cover page, front matter, optional TOC introduction, chapters, … Each of these parts have a different layout. This calls for a different page style.

You must create your page styles before being able to use them. When done, create the boundaries between your parts. This can be done implicitly either through Text Flow properties of selected paragraph styles (then the boundary is automatically created and you need not care for them) or manually with a “special” page break Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break where the dialog allows you to activate a page style after the break and to optionally reset the page number to any value.

I wrote, without any knowledge about writing website, the whole website about this incident.
Just by “trial and error”.
I had no time to learn first HTML, Java, etc.
The website can be read at www.child-abduction.net.
I also wrote the website on a memory card which I send to the people who asked for it.
I want to write the website now in book form.
I don’t intent to write more books.
I tried a few programs, such as Scriber, but was faced with many problems and I don’t have the time to start learning a program before writing a simple book.
I use LibreOffice already for many years and I know enough to start writing a book.
Just a few problems whitch can be solitioned very easy.
I gave already a link to the book.
All tips are welcome.

Your goal is quite obscure: do you intend to write a book or create HTML pages for a website? The technologies are radically different.

But you won’t go anywhere if you refuse to learn at least the starting points.

I don’t intend to read your book. 4.5 MB just tells it is already a large book, larger than 3 pages which is the threshold between quick-and-dirty throw-away one-shot letter and an elaborate document. If you don’t use styles and a consistent and methodical way (and don’t want to learn how to use them), don’t expect a “polished” result. And be prepared to face huge difficulties in tuning your book formatting and layout.

I think that you have problems with understanding ENGLISH language.
I wrote very clear that I wrote a website (5 years ago) and gave the link to the finished website.

I wrote also very clear that I have totally no intention to start a study on book-writing for this 1-off projekt.

As a matter of fact, I found already a far easier solution on a public forum.
The proposed solution was to divide the parts of the book into a part without page numbering and a part with page numbering.

At the end, I would publish the parts in a format for publishers (PDF/EPub) and join the parts together to 1 book.

You have to insert a manual page break using an explicit page style (in your case: Default Page Style) and then to define the start number of pages, i.e. 1).
Check the recommended book, chapters:

  • 13 Title Page
  • 14 Papers Without a Title Page
  • 15 Pages with and without numbers