Writing from Right to Left (RTL) after 100 paragraphs


I have a strange problem I can’t figure out.
After writing the first 100 paragraphs, all the following paragraphs start with a large space between the paragraph number and the first word.

It looks something like this (just in RTL):

  1. Everything is ok.
  2. -Space-Space-Space- The sentence starts from here.

How can I fix this issue?

Thank you for your Help.

it appears to me that you hit a shortcut key to change to RTL writing or ctrl+R (= align right).

Select the faulty paragraphs, right click and select " clear direct formatting".

Thank you for your answer but it didn’t help. The issue I mentioned happens with all my documents, starting from Paragraph #100.

If the information by @oweng did not lead to a solution. I suggest you provide a link to the file. However. be careful about the content of the file; this is a public forum

Just to make everything clear; I write in Hebrew (right to left).

It will be a basic problem with the TAB settings or indentation used in the list. The number “100”, being three digits, takes up more space than any of the prior identifiers in the list. Thus the next TAB stop is likely being used. Increase the TAB / indentation setting for all the paragraphs (or style) to cater for the largest leading identifier in the list.