Writing integration formulas

Working in Libre Writer, I know how to write an integration symbol with from {a} to{b}, but how would one write the antiderivative with respect to b minus the antiderivative with respect to a, using either the line or square bracket.
See this link for exactly what i want to write: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzTb9XsldY77QTlQWVBVYWNaYTg
The closest ways I have found for this is either:

left [ F(x) right ] binom{b}{a}


F(x) “]” binom {b}{a}


F(x) “]” csub a csup b

but none will give me exactly what I need. I realize this probably could be completed with Latex, but I don’t have the time to learn it right now, plus i’ve already completed 15 pages on libre writer.

All help is appreciated

left none F( x) right]_a^b

In German schools we use left [ F( x) right]_a^b.

In case there is no line on the left side, we use no bracket, but a simple line on the right side. left none F(x) right rline_a^b

In case you want a large bracket you can add a dummy stack. That will increase the bracket, because the bracket is scalable because of the keyword “right” left none F(x) stack{{}#{}} right ]_a^b

You might want to have the interval boundaries larger. You can do it in menu Format > Font Size > Indexes.

Perfect, that looks pretty good, and way simpler than i planned!

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