Writter list style number does not reset to 1

  1. Begin a numbered list with the icon for creating a numbered list.
    2. Apply the “list style” “Numbering 1”.

This was done because I would like to control the layout of numbered list items. Using Format, Bullets and numbering only sets the current numbered list – not future numbered lists, making each numbered list effectively custom formatted.

I now want to create a new numbered list so I:
3. Begin a numbered list with the icon for creating a numbered list.
4. OOPS – notice this list is numbered 3 and 4. It should have been 1 and 2

Until I figure out how to control formatting for all the numbered lists, using the style “Numbering 1” seemed a good work around except – each numbered list is not reset to 1. According to LibreOffice documentation (https://help.libreoffice.org/Writer/Modifying_Numbering_in_a_Numbered_List)
“Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering, and then click the Options tab.” HOWEVER, there is no Options tab. Changing the starting number in the customize tab, would cause both numbered lists in this example to change. It’s as if the second numbered list is an extension of the first.

All paragraphs styled with a common list style like Numbering 1 are part of a single list. This feature is used, under an adpated form, for Heading x paragraph which are entered into the internal TOC list, where it is obvious and necessary to not reset numbering.

In your case you need to tell LO Writer that you are starting a new independent list:

  1. Put the cursor just before the paragraph mark (easier when View>Nonprinting Characters is enabled) of the first item of your new list;
  2. Right-click and choose Restart Numbering.

Afterwards, if you want to merge back this list with the previous one, choose Continue Numbering instead.

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It is not required to find a location just before the paragraph mark. Anywhere in the paragraph would do.

I made my test with “monkey typed” text. In this case, the spellchecker seems to have precedence and Restart Numbering does not pop in the contextual menu. So, to be safe, I recommended last position; but I agree that any position will do if you’re clear of spell errors.