Wrong list number color in Draw

I’m making up a CD case back in LibreOffice Draw. I’m using Draw because I need the exact dimensions. I have text in a frame listing the parts. The parts are to be numbered. The background color is dark so the text color is white. I can toggle list numbering and get automatic numbering, but the numbers are black. The numbers should have the same color as the text. In LibreOffice Write the numbers are the same color as the text, but not in Draw. How can i set the color of the numbers to match the color of the text in Draw?

So I thought I could create the CD case back in Write instead of Draw. I set up a page size equal to the size of the case back. I created rectangular draw objects to define the end panels, and text boxes to contain the text, some of which has to be rotated. But when I added numbering to the white text in the middle text box, the numbering came out black (and in a larger size than the text).

Draw will allow you to better control the positions.

Select the numbered text, choose menu Format - Bullets and Numbering… and choose White in the button Color:. (LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1)

More LibreOffice Help on customizing Bullets and Numbering.

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There is no “Help” for this function in Draw. The way to use list numbering in Draw is first to toggle list numbering on in the Properties sidebar, and then Format Bullets and Numbering to get the right font color, size, position etc.

BTW this is in macOS High Sierra, LibreOffice

There is help, although scarce. See in my answer.

That’s for Writer. There’s no Help for that function in Draw.

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The color of the Help page for Draw is (LibreOffice) Yellow 1, and for Writer is (LibreOffice) Blue 1.