Wrong Printing Orientation issue

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i hope, i create my first posting correctly.

I’m using a Brother QL720NW labelprinter, connected through USB to the host running Fedora Silverblue. It turns out, while trying to print some Labels with LO (Flathub), the orientation in the Print Dialog is wrong, so the output as well:

And this is (fedora flatpak repository) on the same box which is working great:
(see next post as limitations for new user… not amused.

what can i do, to fix thi issue

Go back to version and write a bug entry in Bugzilla. Thank you.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice


@truster This site is not a forum but a Question & Answers one. This means a topic is not a “thread” to be read chronologically. A topic has one question which is editable so that all relevant information is in a single location. Answers are reserved for solutions and should not be used for follow-on conversation.

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@ajlittoz Thanks for this helpful post, I missed the comment button and mistakenly used the suggest solution button. I’ll delete the wrong solutions.