wrong values with --convert-to csv->xlsx

soffice.bin   --headless --convert-to xlsx  c:\temp\03356298_20191010163949.csv --infilter=CSV:59,34,34 --outdir c:\temp\

some calls have value like “INF” or first char was deleted
For example

That is expected, if you don’t specify types of the columns. Your column B needs to be treated as text; but if you don’t tell LO, it will try to detect numbers. And in line 181, it will find e-notation and try to create a number 731038e487 = 731038*10^487, which is outside of the range representable in Calc; and in line 183, it will manage to convert the value to number, naturally loosing leading (insignificant in number) zero.

See token 5 at Filter Options - Apache OpenOffice Wiki.

Mike Kaganski thx, it works!