XForms: instance replace after POST does not work

Dear friends,
My Web application receives a POST request from a LibreOffice XForms document and returns the changed XML document back. The submission in my XForms document is configured to replace the instance upon receiving the response. But I see no replace.
When I change “replace” field value to “document”, the new Writer instance opens the returned XML as a plain text file.
Your help is highly appreciated.


Please edit your question to better describe the dataflow and the original document in Writer. As usual, don’t forget to mention OS name and LO version. And perhaps the web server engine and how you route your request to your “application” (a CGI script?).

Thanks ajlittoz, sorry for not providing details in my original message. Unfortunately I cannot already edit it since I’ve lost much time trying to investigate the situation further with different LO versions.
Let me share the detailed info.
XForms documents and web apps (client/server pairs)
I have my own Web application deployed under WildFly 23 and my own XForms document.
I also have the well-known J. David Eisenberg’s example with the CGI script deployed under Apache 2.4 (Debian 10)
Testing environment
I tested several versions of LO under windows 7 (32 bit). Java version 1.8.0_321.
I uninstalled existing version before installing the other.
Each version was installed with default options.
The following results were the same for both client/server pairs.
versions and work as expected.
version has a probable bug: seems like it sends an empty document.
version sends XML as expected but does not handle the response properly: the instance data remains unchanged. This is also true for x86-64 version under Debian 10, OpenJDK 11.

version (the latest for now): after opening the document all controls are marked red as if the bindings were wrong. While submitting I get a message box about wrong data and then the server error. No data is being sent.

Hope my info will be useful.