XIRR formula throws #NAME? error

I want to use XIRR to compute an internal rate of return and verify interest payments. I formatted dates as dates and numbers as numbers, included semicolons in the formula, and I am getting a #NAME? error with no details.

Here are the data entries:

01-jun	-11734,09
11-jun	-1289,43
30-jun	-504,12
01-jul	13532,92

and here is a screenshot:

I have the latest LibreOffice,, on macOS 10.14.6.

How can I debug the error?

Looks like your locale setting dictates comma for decimal point, but the third (optional) parameter for “best guess” uses a period character.

Change 0.1 to 0,1 in your formula.


Yes, of course, thank you!