Xlookup in LibreOffice Calc

Hi everyone
Is something like Xlookup available in calc? I am trying to retrieve data from column that is left so naturally VLOOKUP doesn’t work here.
I have used Xlookup in excel and it worked but I use LibreOffice at home and I wanted to know if LibreOffice has the Xlookup function.

Basically this is what I need
I have 2 different sheets
the first sheets has Rank, Team Name and Team Owner for columns and this is where the Data is located.
Sheet 2 has the same columns but I need to bring the data in the rank column in the first sheet over to the second one based on team name or team owner.


How to easy combine INDEX() and MATCH()

There is a request for enhancement tdf#127293 - Add XLOOKUP function in Calc

Hi, @Barman5000,


Optional for more than 1 criterion, add as many as needed

Example of use

image description

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Hi @schiavinatto ,
Just wanted to let you know your solution solved a long running problem that I have had regarding the VLookup function in Calc. My worksheet is a mileage and fuel recorder for a certain vehicle and the dates that fuel and mileage was recorded. However much I tried the VLOOKUP function didn’t give reliable results but your solution works perfectly.

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