.xlsx link not working

I am setting up a spreadsheet with links to other spreadsheets and the links I have created are not updating. When I open the file I get a message “This file contains links to other files. Should they be updated Yes or No?” I answer Yes but the link does not update.
I am using LibreOffice Vanilla V5.4.4.3 on a MacBook Pro 2017 using iOS High Sierra.

Any advice?

From testing this on my system (Win10 LO, it seems .xlsx link updating is rather buggy.

Under certain circumstances, it gives an error message, “The following external file could not be loaded. Data linked from this file did not get updated.” Other times, it gives no error but does not update. It may also destroy the formula.
Sometimes everything works correctly.

Selecting the cell and going to Data → Calculate → Recalculate (F9) may help. Also, it works better when both files are open.

My suggestion: Do not use links to other spreadsheets unless you are willing to use .ods format. I encountered no problems this way, whether the other file was open or not.

Thanks Jim K. Saving as an odf file instead of a xlsx file seems to have solved this

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