XML Source doesn't work

At first, the option was greyed out and I found out that I have to activate experimental features. Now, the menu option works, but after that I can’t do anything - no matter what I press or hold. What am I doing wrong?

image description

All I can add is that I get the same effect, but only for the subfields/cellc. The fileds/cells that are not indented do work if they do not contain subfields. Excuse my terminology for the word “field” as I do not know xml.

For example
Title can be imported


Date cannot be imported for some reason.

Try the latest version of LibreOffice. XML Source previously did not support nested repeat structures which your example has. The latest version should support nested repeat structures where the field values from the parent structures will simply get repeated for the inner repeat structures.

Also, the menu option for this feature should no longer be grayed out since this is no longer an experimental feature.