XY Scatterplot Lines are Patchy / Look Terrible When Exported

I’ve created a XY scatterplot out of 5 columns of data, the first for the x-axis, the remaining 4 to be plotted as y coordinates.

The first column goes from (-5,5) in .001 increments, and the other four are the result of the equations =normsdist($A2/B$1) … =normsdist($A2/E$1). So just the values of the first column divided by 4 different constants and passed through the standard normal cummulative distribution function. I’m able to plot these data easily, adjust the x-axis and y-axis values to my liking and add titles, but when I select the image for export, it looks terrible.

Here is the exported image:

and here is a screenshot of the same graph:

I would really rather not have to screenshot the image should I modify the graph, but I can’t seem to make the lines fill in properly. Any ideas about how to fix this?

The default image export is .SVG which looks, I agree, terrible. I use normally .EMF (on win7) which is a vector format and it comes out very nice. Even with very thin lines I used. Try a vector format rather than a pixel format.