ZipScript 12 stops pasting into Libre after update install

I am running LibreOffice (x64) on Windows 10.18363
I use another piece of software called ZipScript 12 which allows me to copy text and paste it into my word document from a popup dialog box, however since installing Libre ZipScript no longer pastes into my LibreOffice document.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Not familiar with ZipScript. So, what does happen when you attempt to paste? Is a space created with no content? Anything at all? Are you sure that something has been copied by ZipScript? Can it be pasted somewhere else? Are there other ways to “paste” (menu choices, keyboard shortcuts, command line)?

@ve3oat “So, what does happen when you attempt to paste?”
Sometimes it pastes part of the copied text, other times it pastes nothing.

“Can it be pasted somewhere else?”
I tried it in another word processing program and it worked fine every time.

“Are there other ways to “paste” (menu choices, keyboard shortcuts, command line)?”
The ZipScript software pulls up a dialog box with a short cut key and allows one to chose single or multiple passages of text from the Bible and then pastes into your document in whatever format you have set up. So it is the “shortcut” itself.

I appreciate your response.

Your best bet is to ask wordsearchbible techsupport. This seems geared to work with Word. There is only a support email address on their site, no forums to ask questions.
The other issue could be caused by a windows update. I’d would check with wordsearchbible first to find a cause.

@admFubar I suppose that will be my next step. The reason I came here first is that it has worked fine with Libre for several years until this last update, so I figured it had more to do with Libre than WordSearch. Thanks for the responses.

Well, since the functionality of ZipScript is so important to me in my workflow I downloaded and reinstalled the last version of Libre (as I like it very much too) that allowed me to use ZipScript, and sure enough, it works. So the change is definitely on Libre’s side. The version that allows the functionality is if anyone is interested.