Zoom effect varies arbitrarily in Writer

I work on many documents, all formatted with 12 point Times New Roman fonts, in Print Layout view.

A zoom level of 80% is perfect for me to view the documents.

Zoom problem: Sometimes when I start up LibreOffice Writer, all the documents look like they are zoomed way out… even though the zoom indicator is still set at 80%.

I have to zoom to 110% to match the view that 80% previously provided.

This has occurred since I first installed LibreOffice, when v4 was first released. I created a completely clean profile.

Mac OS X 10.9.1

I made a test in 4.1.5 running on XP and did not observe this problems.


  • created a writer file sayed as odt-file
  • adjusted zoom to 80 using the toolbar:
    image description
  • saved and opened (double click on icon on desktop)
  • added a few paragraphs and saved and closed
  • repeated procedure of above 2 lines several time
    => problem observed.

Therefore it seems to be either Mac, LibO version problem or the combination of both.

I recommend to report a bug under: