Zoom function greyed out in Writer

In LibreOffice Writer the Zoom drop down menu option is ‘greyed out’ meaning cannot be selected. I want to increase the view size of my document but cannot.

Is it visible if you go to Tools > Options > View and untick Use Skia for all rendering?

If the above makes no difference then open LibreOffice in Safe Mode (Help > Restart in safe mode) and see if zoom is available. If it is then you might need to reset your user profile, make a backup first.

When I tick off Skia as suggested it makes no difference - Zoom from the drop-down menus is black, when I click on it it greys-out and has no functionality. In Safe Mode the Zoom option does not appear in the drop-down menu (to the right of Help). Zoom is (still) available in the View drop-down menu, right at the bottom, and it works. Thanx for your helpful tips, it was just cool to have it in the ‘primary’ menu system.

In the Status bar at the bottom of the window, there is a slider for zoom settings. If you click on the zoom percentage to the right of the slider, a Zoom dialog box will appear.