Zoom mouse behavior - Draw

It’s be nice to be able to have a bit more granularity as to mouse behavior for zooming.

It seems that scrolling using CNTL-Mouse_Wheel scrolls the middle of the page. It actually re-centers which is frustrating when you’re working on a large drawing and you want to zoom out a bit. This is a problem with large sheet sizes (I do a lot of ANSI C-E sized drawings)

Most CAD and vector-type drawing programs that use the mouse wheel zoom will zoom in where the mouse cursor is centered or give an option to do so.

And it seems you have no panning function at all that I can see…

Middle mouse scrolling is usually a cursor centered ZOOM (similar to most CAD programs and things like Visio and CorelDraw)
Holding the middle mouse button down and moving the mouse is Pan

Not to bitch - this some great software… Hope you kill Microcrap Orifice Visishmo with this.

Using Draw 4.3.2. Windows

I consider the described behavior a bug. In LO4.2.5 Ctrl+mousewheel zooms the current view; the object, which is in the center of the window, remains in the center. That is not the same as zooming to the mouse position, but still useful. Shifting to the middle of the page is nonsense.

I have found issues fdo#83588 and fdo#83258.

You might want to use the new “Zoom & Pan” tool from the zoom toolbar.