ZOOM web conference App integration

I am starting using libreoffice and in especific the application IMPRESS. when I am presenting my slides into ZOOM all the time the people see a black screen, but me on my laptop I see all the presentation correctly and cannot find the correct way or configuration and ensure the presentation is correctly shared for all the presents.

Could you please send me hint or configuration I need to do on my app?

thanks in advance for your very appreciated help… MV

The default presentation mode for Impress is full-screen, which some screen grabbing software does not handle well. I am not a Zoom user myself, so I can’t test my suggested solutions.

  • Try to set the slideshow presentation mode to In a window. See this help page.

  • Optimizing Zoom’s screen grabber for fullscreen may also work. This page is about fullscreen video, but worth a try also for presentations.

  • Also I see quite frequently that presentation software assumes control of “graphics environment” and rejects the “auto enable” process which is initiated whenever you connect a new device to your computer. I mostly see this with MS Powerpoint on Mac OS, because this is the preferred platform among our students. Your issue may also be related to this (worth a try even if you are not on a Mac). The solution I have found is to connect everything first. Do not start presentation software until you have …

  • connected the computer to all your graphics devices.

  • connected to the network

  • logged into the conference

Thanks for the info. It seems like the
Presentation Mode-> In a Window
will work well for this.