Zotero plugin refs "grabbing" prior text or, cannot type beyond it once inserted

Have searched the forums to no avail on this…thanks for any help. (Zotero devs said they thought LO had fixed this, but I cannot find it).

Mac OS 10.13.6 / Libreoffice (latest) Zotero Plugin (latest) + Zotero (latest version)

• Issue: Am typing away, insert and citation, continue. If I type a full-stop/period after inserting, and sometime a space and further text in continuation, the citation “inhales” the period/additional text.

When I do a refresh, I get the default style-changed error / if you midofy Zotero will no longer update / yes/no

…citation has been modified…dialog box…

orig: (Calder, 2007)
modified: (Calder, 2007). — issue: “.”

orig: (Smith, 2007)
modified: (Smith, 2007) and he further said blah blah blah. — issue: " and…"

• Problem: I can’t type a period after a citation to end the sentence, or any fiurther text without it getting attached to the citation.

When the error then occurs, Zotero updates the citation to “orig” but either delets my periods, and MUCH WORSE, deletes entire strings of text that got engulfed by the citation tag.

What I have been doing mostly is typing a double-space when doing a citation, then inserting the citation between the two “clean” spaces - but this is going to end up a proofing nightmare for the final proof.

-Deleting and re-inserting the citation
-select all text before and after and "remove local formatting’
-Copying a “clean” space or characthers and placing after the citation to try to stop the tag

Made a quick screen movie if you’re inclined:

Kind thanks

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If your needs are basic, i.e. you only need your citations in Writer and nowhere else (in other words, you don’t really manage a huge collection of personal citations), don’t use Zotero.

Zotero is a portable citation management tool, meaning it has its own abstract model and doesn’t integrate fully with any office suite (thus escaping portability issues). This lack of integration makes it difficult to use styles on Zotero citations and you can’t centrally control citation appearance. They must be formatting individually and manually. Be aware that any change of citations will trigger again Zotero macros which will erase your manual formatting!

Writer has a built-in citation feature, called Bibliography, based on an internal database. It is probably less powerful than Zotero but for basic needs, as already mentioned, it is largely sufficient.

Like Zotero, the citation database can be shared between all your documents (the database is stored in your user profile). One big advantage of the built-in bibliography is its full integration in Writer without messing your styling, formatting and layout.

And also, not the least, the learning curve is probably less steep than Zotero.

HI Thanks for this. I’m working on an 80,000 word dissertation with over 2K secondary refs… I need the extended functionality and specific style rwquirements :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for that. None of those topics address the issue - already searched. The only one that’s close is dealing with cross-references - same general problem but different parameters. :slight_smile:

If all your citation references are of the form (Smith, 2007), this is “basics” and you should have a try with the built-in Bibliography feature.

I appreciate your comment, but as a fellow fan of all things LO, please let it go. I need a solution not alternatives. The project is not ‘basic’.
I am also developing a custom style for the university with Zotero style developers that has been in the works for four years with custom CSL. My project is handling somewhere upwards of two-thousand archival letters from a single source. The built in LO option is a non-starter.
this is posted here as a first step before bothering them with something outside the remit of their project.
Please allow others to comment - this was flagged previously in the forums fo Z and LO and a top developer commented they thought LO had solved it - hence my post here to follow that up.


Hi! You seem to be experiencing Bug 81720. It has been finally fixed in 7.6, I’ve just added it to the release notes.

Unfortunately, it seems to have been reverted. Problem still happens, and has been widely discussed in Zotero forums : How to "get out" of a Zotero citation in LibreOffice ? - Zotero Forums

According to the bug report quoted, it reverted for 24.2. The stable release, 7.6 apparently should still work fine. For important work LibreOffice recommends to stay with stable releases, see download page.

You can add yourself to the CC list in the bug report to keep up to date and to show developers your interest.

The workaround proposed in your link is:

28 days ago

To get out of it reliably (without the mouse),
return – space --backward arrow – backspace – forward arrow

I’m not so sure on that, as I read

backported to libreoffice-7-6

with date 2023-10-23 12:23:40 at the linked cause of the revertion


If I’m reading this right may be the last “fixed” version before reverting:

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