Zotero usage in master-document with sub-documents


this question has already been asked earlier in the OpenOffice community: Zotero and Master Document in OpenOffice - Zotero Forums .
I try to use the same approach in LibreOffice: e.g. I create Zotero citations in sub-documents, and try to have a common collection of references in the master document. This does not seem to work so far. I also try to have the collection in a sub-document at the end, which does also not work.

Am I taking a wrong approach, or is it simply not possible to collect the citations from various sub-documents, using Zotero in Writer?

Thanks a lot -

The page you referenced has one interchange of 6 messages ending with success, and immediately after that it proceeds with Zotero 2.0 not working with master documents in OOo like its predecessor. After that, not a single success story. I guess, that’s something to ask Zotero team.

Hi Mike, thanks a lot for your comment. I will address the question to Zotero then. Best regards Manuel