ZUM-123 spreadsheet from AT&T not working

I am trying to use a tool from AT&T (for Local Calling Area lookups)
The tool is at
I have enabled macros and tried to follow the instructions at
but not much happens.
I do not have access to MS-office.
(I am using LO vn: on Linux Mint-17.3
I also tried it on LO vn under OS X 10.11.6
with the same results. )

Is LibreOffice able to handle this spreadsheet?
If not, is this a bug?

when I open the file (.xlsm) in my browser it shows a text file which supposed to be a zip archive (first 2 letters PK).

The extension seems to be wrong. Try to download the file , change the extension to XLSX or XLM and try to load it in LO.

Thanks for the reply.
There is no problem loading the file, and filling in the “Area Code” and “Prefix” fields.
It does identify the Exchange Name, but doesn’t give any useful data after that.
I tried both extensions you suggest, with no change.
I wonder if someone could try it under MS-Office (for example with 650-785).

Going to your link using Firefox shows up a text file in the browser as I think @horst found. I can download it using IE. I am using Excel 2007 and it does not work. I found that this is because it uses a function NUMBERVALUE which is not in the 2007 version - it was introduced in later versions.

Opening in LO Calc I find the Clear button has the wrong label - it repeats the label Submit and neither button is set to call the macros. Running the macros from Run Macro the Clear works but Select using Area Code 650 and Prefix 785 just shows the Exchange Name PALO ALTO. There are a number of cells below Local Exchanges and Zone 3 with 0 in them and nothing in the Exchange Count area. I changed the Label on the second button and the buttons to run the macros and saved as native Calc file .ods. There is limited support for the Excel .xlsm file format and it is not listed under the available file types to Save. If you hit save you get a warning that if you continue you will loose any macros.

Running the .ods version gives better results with 650 and 785. It shows Exchange Name PALO ALTO and a number of exchanges under Local Echanges and Zone 3 columns. The area Exchange count again shows nothing.

I have attached the .ods file.