LibreOffice Calc: How to export spreadsheet into iCalendar format (*.ics) file?

asked 2018-05-10 22:23:29 +0100

Pantona gravatar image

updated 2018-05-11 14:55:05 +0100

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Let's assume we want to create a simple spreadsheet with leisure days to list the days when we do not have to work. Afterwards this spreadsheet should then be exported into an iCalendar (*.ics)-file for importing it into Thunderbird's usual Lightning calendar add-on.

Does LibreOffice Calc provide any export possibility to convert a table into the mentioned *.ics-file without much efforts?

If not, maybe someone has a nice macro for this?

I found an old macro during my research, but maybe there is some better option available nowadays. Another more contemporary approach still seems to be under construction...

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