From LO Calc to .ics calendar files for Thunderbird

Is there a simple way to achieve this? I don’t want to hand-write a whole batch of dozends of dates into Thunderbird. There must be a way to perform this in Calc…

All I found was this Makro-based approach for Excel - which doesn’t work in LO: (it’s in german)

Here is a Makro from a OpenOffice-Board: (download)

It is possible to add a column for repetition (Wiederholung)

To the macro (section “writeICS”) I appended to the paragraph " 'optionale Angaben" the following lines:


  s=osheet.getCellByPosition(9, posR).string

  if s<>"" then print #outFile,"RRULE:FREQ=" & Umlaut (s)


Now it adds the frequency as written in the additional column (WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY) to the .ics file.