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Calc will not display any negative currency values or negative numbers in red.

asked 2018-08-31 17:15:10 +0200

MidnightMan21 gravatar image

Libre Office Version, Version: Build ID: 6.1.0-2 Running Manjaro Linux 64bit

I've already searched this and other forums but none of them corrects my error. I have gone as far as uninstalling LO from this computer and reinstalling with no fix. I should add that I dual boot Windows 7 and the same file opens fine on Win7 with the same (windows) version of LO. I have a small 32bit netbook with PointLinux running the same version of LO 32bit and copied the file over via a memory stick and the negative values show red.

I should add that I can't change any cell value whether number or currency to anything other than black. The only time I can get a cell to show a different colour is by manually changing the font colour and have the cursor flashing in the formula bar. However, as soon as I press enter the cell reverts to black. I realise this question has been posted many times but as I said I cannot get it working on Manjaro. I am sure it did work fine on Manjaro as I only noticed the problem a week or two ago. As a last resort, I will reformat and reinstall as a test. I do have backups so that's an option further down the road. As already said this same exact file works fine on two other operating systems, Windows 7 64bit and Point Linux 32bit. I would really appreciate some help, while I know its not a major problem it is becoming an annoyance beyond belief.

I opened a new workbook just to see, and have the same behaviour. All cell values whether number or currency will only show as black. One last thing CTRL + Shift + F9 does not work. Please note this is not just a negative number issue. NO cell value will stay any colour other than black except when the cursor bar is in the formula bar at the top but as soon as I press enter the value reverts to black. One sheet is attached but the whole workbook 5 sheets are the same, as are new workbooks.

C:\fakepath\Rent Sheet to upload.ods

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answered 2018-08-31 18:52:14 +0200

erAck gravatar image

Sounds like a problem of the Manjaro distribution. If you try the release built by TDF from and that works then it's certain. Note that you can install versions in parallel if you follow these instructions.

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