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different numbering format between header and sub-header

asked 2019-09-24 09:40:34 +0100

so basically i want to make something like this



2.1 sub-chapter

2.2 another sub-chapter

2.2.1 another sub-sub chapter

but, so far i can only manage to do this:



II.1 sub-chapter

II.2 another sub-chapter

II.2.1 another sub-sub-chapter

notice that i want all numbering format within sub-chapter with 1,2,3 instead of Roman numbers, but i want to keep chapter number with roman number...

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answered 2019-09-24 10:52:15 +0100

ajlittoz gravatar image

This is not possible with the standard chapter numbering counter: this a multi-level counter (the same for all Heading n paragraph styles) and the formatting you choose for a level is not context-dependent. That is, you cant have Roman numeral for level 1 when used with Heading 1 and Western numbers at level 1 when used in Heading 2 and higher.

The only way I know to achieve what you want is to have a second "parallel" chapter numbering (only for level 1, but this is not mandatory) with a different formatting. However, this needs a tricky manual work to deceive Writer into thinking it has a single counter.

Short story, but it may be further detailed if you accept the burden:

  • define a new paragraph style for your level 1 headings with a new counter (aka. a list style). Derive it from *Heading *1 for ease of future maintenance. Connect the paragraph style both to outline level 1 and the list style.

  • use it for your level 1 headings

  • modify Heading 1 to be Hidden

Whenever you enter a "true" level-1 heading, insert immediately after it a "shadow" paragraph in Heading 1 style to properly set the chapter counter. There is no need to write a real heading: the paragraph may be empty. The level-2+ headings follow as usual.

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