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Labels start offset for partially used label sheets

asked 2019-11-29 09:27:54 +0100

Pele gravatar image

I am really struggling to find an answer to this. I print say 7 labels on a sheet of 3x8 (24) labels. I come back next week and need to print another 5. I must use a brand new sheet as the one with 17 left is unusable with current mail-merge print dialog.

Can someone please implement a simple "offset" tick box and a number of labels to skip before labels start printing on a sheet? Unless there is already such a function somewhere but I cannot see it?

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If there is no such functionality, this site is not the right place to address enhancement requests (see Ask/Getting Started.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-11-29 11:47:21 +0100 )edit

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answered 2019-11-29 23:32:43 +0100

Ratslinger gravatar image


There is no easy method to do this currently. However can offer this workaround - a real "KLUDGE" if you allow me.

First create the initial Writer with the labels and database to be used. Save this as it will be a form to use for all printing. Here is my starting sample:

image description

Now you can use this to print labels which occupy more than one sheet.

To start printing at a specific label you need to delete some of the defined formats on the sheet. However the sheet is protected from doing this. A setting needs to be changed. From menu Tools->Options then under LibreOfficeWriter->Formatting Aids remove the selected Enable cursor under Protected Areas:

image description

Select OK and you are back on the formatted page. Now with the left mouse button you can select a label (click on the frame of the label) then delete. Result such as:

image description

Now you can print your labels BUT do not select more records than will fit on the remainder of the one page. Going to a second page will skip the deleted labels. Result:

image description

Do not save the Writer file as you will lose the basis for other printings. Also remember that the write protection mode is off.

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Beautiful! I'll look into writing some sql code to do this for me but for now this will do nicely.

Pele gravatar imagePele ( 2019-11-30 10:26:02 +0100 )edit
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