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How to add a footer different in last page [closed]

asked 2015-06-23 15:28:29 +0200

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updated 2020-08-22 16:30:11 +0200

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Is it possible to add a different header-footer in the "last page" of a document or section in Writer. In the dialog box of page format, there is the option "first page different" in the header or footer tab. My request is for the same feature for last page.

My request is similar to issue 7697 At the moment, I'm using the solution given there: I insert a text box in the last page (but default footer is shown).

Using LO 4.4.

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answered 2015-06-24 15:02:04 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


Layout in Writer is based on the Page Styles. A page style can define, among others, the size and orientation of the paper, the background, the number of columns, the presentation of footnotes page and... headers and footers.

When a document requires different layouts for one (or more) of these elements it is necessary to use a different Page Styles. A common case is for example a landscape page in the middle of a portrait document.

The ability to manage different content of headers and footers for the first page is an exception to this principle.

In other words, the answer to your question is that you need to use a second page style in your document: the default style for all pages except the last one, and another style for the last.

In practical terms:

  • Right click on the first paragraph of the last page and then Paragraph.
  • Text Flow tab, check Breaks: Insert and With Page & style
  • Select a style in the listbox: eg. Endnote, Ok

Now the last page will apply Endnote page style.

  • Display window styles (e.g. in the sidebar), click on the fourth button from the left to list page styles screenshot
  • Right click on EndNote and then Modify to enable footer.

This footer will be specific to pages applying this style.

Note: for this example, I use the EndNote existing style but you can of course create your own style.


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Thank You pierre-yves samyn for your detailed answer.

However, I'm looking to do this operation without a page break.

This part of your answer is what I was expecting:

The ability to manage different content of headers and footers for the first page is an exception to this principle.

Beizerno gravatar imageBeizerno ( 2015-06-26 02:16:56 +0200 )edit

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