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Is it possible to slant text in LO Writer or Impress?

asked 2017-04-11 18:41:16 +0200

PRR gravatar image

I would like to have text sitting on top of an arrow, moving upwards from left to right at a 45 degree angle. I would prefer to do this all in a table in LO Writer, but I could only see how to do it in Impress--but only the arrow. I'd like both the arrow and the text, to slant upwards at 45 degrees. Is this possible in Writer? And if not, in Impress?

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-04-11 21:37:44 +0200

Regina gravatar image

You can do it as simple text of a line or you can use tool Fontwork for more effects.TextOnArrow.odt

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Thanks. I ended up copying and pasting some arrows from your diagram, and then over-writing the text that you provided. I was never able to figure out in LO, how to make that stuff on my own (didn't try it with Fontwork).

PRR gravatar imagePRR ( 2017-04-13 22:49:41 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-04-11 21:45:41 +0200

floris v gravatar image

updated 2017-04-11 23:44:57 +0200

Seems to be possible, at least if I understand you correctly. Draw an arrow and a text box above it to hold the text. enter the text, format according to need (font size, etc, nothing more), then select both, then right-click, select Group - Group. Right-click the group, select Position and size, then Rotation tab, set rotation to 45 degrees. See sample file.


If you meant something very different, please explain.

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What program are you using? I can insert an arrow in LO Writer, but I can't seem to select it. I can see the Group option in the context menu, but hovering over Group shows a menu that says "No selection possible."

PRR gravatar imagePRR ( 2017-04-11 23:12:17 +0200 )edit

Writer, of course. In LibO 5.3.0.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2017-04-11 23:40:33 +0200 )edit
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