1 document freezes while rest of LibreOffice continues as normal . Autorecovery doesn't work. Any solutions?

Hi, I have a problem that has now happened to be a few times this week so seems to be repetitive.

Simply put, 1 document just freezes, while I am working on it, but the rest of the computer and all the other Libre Office documents I have open continue to work.
The problem is the only way to restart the frozen document is to shut down the computer. Even though I can open the window and even move it around, enlarge it etc, the x button doesn’t work, nor does the “close all windows” button when I right click on Libre (it closes all the other windows but this one) there is no response.

But when I do shut down the computer, and reopen Libre Office, the recovery doesn’t work. All the information has gone. I can only open the file when it was last saved.

Since I have the “Save autorecovery information” option ticked, In the past, whenever I have had any other problems with Libre Office the autorecovery means at most I just lose 15 minutes of work.

But for some reason it doesn’t here.

This has just happened to me again. A very emotionally taxing piece of work that I just won’t be able to write again and can’t afford to lose.

Is there some place on the computer where I may be able to access the backup information before I shut down the computer and its presumably lost again?

Or any other way around it.

Thank you for your help.