- Complex Scripts Rendering - Dotted Circle Problem

I’ve several documents written in Unicode fonts with smart rendering for Burmese scripts. It was working perfectly fine with LibreOffice, even better (showing complex characters in more correct manner) than OS’s rendering.

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04 which come with LibreOffice In this version, LibreOffice is not rendering things like it used to be.

The fonts I’m using have dotted circle system. But, those supporting dotted circles won’t go away even after correct inputs. My documents are not longer readable in this version of LibreOffice.

Any idea how can I solve this issue?!


It looks to me like CTL support is not turned on. Can you attach an example file?

There’s problem with attachment upload. Please get a sample document from here - http://ubuntuone.com/0xfBHZrkdv8XVz0DgYdiAz

Thanks for the answer @oweng. It’s working well with Padauk. Padauk font face is looking nice on screen but I’m planning to publish a book with Myanmar3 font. I just wonder why it is stop working in LO4 and think if I can do something to solve the issue so that to avoid downgrade. Thanks.

I would raise a bug and point to this thread. It is probably going to take a developer familiar with the code (and fonts) to determine whether this is a regression in LO or a problem with the font. Remember to provide a link to where the font can be obtained for testing. I will update my answer.

I just did separated installation of LO4.1beta2. The problem no longer exists in this version and working fine with Myanmar3 font too.

Terrific! We have answered the question. It was a regression. Happy to hear it is working again.

Thanks for providing the sample document. It appears to me to be a problem with the Myanmar3 font that is used. Whether this is a problem with the Complex Text Layout (CTL) font handling of LO or a problem with the font itself is not clear. It may be that this is a regression, however it could just as easily be a fix that now means fonts are handled appropriately (where before they may not have been). You may need to file a bug to determine which it may be (refer details at end).

This is what the first paragraph appears like when I first open the document (with the SIL Padauk font installed):

image description

According to:

$ fc-match -v 'Myanmar3' | grep 'family:'
family: "DejaVu Sans"(s)

… that should be a font-fallback view for the DejaVu Sans font, although the text does display differently if set in DejaVu Sans. If I set the text of the document in SIL Padauk it appears like this:

image description

If I then install the Myanmar3 font it appears as shown in your v4.0 example:

image description

The Myanmar3 font does not have as many Glyph Substitution (GSUB) table entries as SIL Padauk (105 compared with 185) but that is not necessarily the cause of the problem. In the Myanmar3 font there are however only 85/160 of the characters in the Unicode range devoted to Myanmar (U+1000-109f) and no characters encoded in the Myanmar Extended-A range (aa60-aa7b). Both the Myanmar3 and SIL Padauk font appear to make use of non-Unicode ranges. I did not exhaustively check to see if these non-Unicode range characters are referenced in the GSUB entries.

I think in order to get to the bottom of this issue it would be best to file a bug. Please provide as much information as possible, including the last know working LO version, a link to the (problematic) Myanmar3 font, a link to the (working) SIL Padauk font, an uploaded copy of your example document, and a link to this thread. State that you are trying to determine whether the issue is a regression in LO or a problem with the font. The QA team will be happy to help you triage your bug report in the bugtracker.

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.


Hi, I am using Libreoffice 6.4 (Win 10 OS) The document in libreoffice calc written in Unicode Devnagari fonts displayed correctly on the display screen but when I gave print the font rendering was not works properly it was showed as circle circle between all characters. If I export it to PDF and then print it will print correctly. The Devnagari font link is : Google Fonts

ORIGINAL : संयुक्त राष्ट्रांच्या अन्न आणि कृषी संघटनेकडील (FAO) उपलब्ध माहितीनुसार जगभरात प्रतिवर्षी १ अब्ज ३० कोटी टन अन्नाची नासाडी होते.

ON PRINT: सं य ुक ्त र ाष ्ट्र ांच्य ा अन ् न आ ण ि क ृष ी संघ टन ेकड ील (FAO) उपलब ्ध म ा ह ित ीन ुस ा र जगभर ात प ्रत िवर् ष ी १ अब ्ज ३० क ोट ी टन अन ्न ाच ी न ास ाड ी ह ोत े.

In OPENOFFICE / MSOFFICE it works properly.