Unicode Devanagari Font Rendering problem Libreoffice 6.4

I am using Libreoffice 6.4 (Win 10 OS) The document in libreoffice calc written in Unicode Devnagari fonts displayed correctly on the display screen but when I gave print the font rendering was not works properly it was showed as circle circle between all characters. If I export it to PDF and then print it will print correctly. The Devnagari font link is : Google Fonts

संयुक्त राष्ट्रांच्या अन्न आणि कृषी संघटनेकडील (FAO) उपलब्ध माहितीनुसार जगभरात प्रतिवर्षी १ अब्ज ३० कोटी टन अन्नाची नासाडी होते.

सं य ुक ्त र ाष ्ट्र ांच्य ा अन ् न आ ण ि क ृष ी संघ टन ेकड ील (FAO) उपलब ्ध म ा ह ित ीन ुस ा र जगभर ात प ्रत िवर् ष ी १ अब ्ज ३० क ोट ी टन अन ्न ाच ी न ास ाड ी ह ोत े.

In OPENOFFICE / MSOFFICE it works properly.

Please Help to resolve this problem as it most requirable task to our Non profit Social Organization.

Thanking You !

Sumit S :slight_smile:

If it displays correctly on screen, it is a print driver issue. The dotted circles represent combining diacritics: the first one in the “On print” line seems to be U+0941 DEVANAGARI VOWEL SIGN U, the second U+094D DEVANAGARI SIGN VIRAMA and the third U+093E DEVANAGARI VOWEL SIGN AA. IMHO, the printer driver is unable to handle the sequence of Unicode codepoints when there are such combining marks. As far as I know, Devanagari is a very complex script involving contextual reordering of individual glyphs in a word.

PS: when you export to PDF, the pages are changed to a graphics description where all glyphs are assigned a precise location on the page. The driver then has a very minimal job to do to output the page.

Please file this as a bug, with a sample document (to avoid copy-paste artifacts), and detailed system information including OS language, printer model and drivers.

PPS: under Linux, with File>Printer Settings, I can choose in Properties, Device tab, which “language” (i.e. PostScript or PDF) is used to talk to the printer. My printer is a network CUPS-printer but USB printers should be managed the same.

You may have similar functionality under Windows.

Thanks to all - Issue submitted :

@SumitSarode: thanks for filing the issue.

However, you seem to have ignored my words about the importance of providing a sample document, not only the source characters. You must realize that what others would copy and paste does not only depend on what you pasted there, but also on the browser they use, OS, installed language support, etc. So not providing a reference document makes your bug not reliably reproducible for others.

You didn’t also provide the other information I mentioned: printer driver version, language of OS.

And you didn’t even mention the specific font name! There are no “Devnagari font” there on the link you provided; while many fonts provide Devnagari script.

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry for delay in reply to you. Now I have attached the sample document in the issue : https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=135185

Additional Info:
Printer Name : Canon LBP2900B
Printer Driver : (R1.50 Ver.3.30)
OS : Windows 10 Home
OS language : English US

Font Name and link
Google Noto Sans Devnagari.
Download it with https://fonts.google.com/download?family=Noto%20Sans

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