Add a different colored border around pages


I would like to create a solid colored border (black, green, and red) around pages of a document (all the way to the edge without encroaching on the text area), but the color should differ by page. I’ve played with formatting and border but can’t see how to make it other than universal. I’m really trying hard to not break this little six-page doc into three separate files :frowning: but am running out of ideas. Is there hope? :slight_smile:


Hiya! @davidtg, If you have three different page styles with the corresponding frames, you have to select Insert - More Breaks - Manual Breaks in the menu to change, then you can select a new template for the pages after the break.

See also my example document.

davidtg.odt (9,2 KB)

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thank you! i will check
i am already using hard breaks between some pages, so that’s easy
ummmm… page format templates? :slight_smile:

downloading now to see what i can squeak in before my student arrives
stay tuned

I was going to post a pic example but I don’t see how to include
Have to come back later; class begins
Thanks again :slight_smile:

The right vocabulary is rather page styles.

It looks to me your document is rather page-oriented and not flow-oriented. In the latter case, you don’t care for pages: they are automatically allocated to accommodate the text. In the former case, you consider pages are the basic units of composition and communication. Specific text is not allowed to spill over into next page.

This second usage is not well-covered by Writer. It is possible of course but at the cost of tedious manual care. DTP applications are better fit. Among the free apps, you have Scribus.

Or set it automatically: