Add images via file links only

For the sake of colaboration, I have to convert my .tex and .md (Markdown) reports to .odt or .docx. And while in both former formats you can (or acutally must) use a link to add an image (or table…), I wondered if something like this is possible in LO. So I searched around this forum but couldn’t find anything. What I found is that there you can (manually) insert file links and/or file links to images which are not included in the document itself but externally. That’s not what I want.

So, is there a way to add an external file just with a link (in plain text) and without any gui/manual interaction? If so, I would just replace my tex-commands with the appropriate command of LO. If not, does any alternative come to mind? Otherwise, this would be so much work, especially because I have to convert all my pdf images to other formats as well :confused:

(I guess I don’t need to give an example on how this works, since all the answers/questions here are written in md as well…)

I’m currently on Ubuntu 16.04, LO and working with .odt / .docx.