Add regex support to find

There is a regex support in Find&Replace, which is nice, but then this is a big popup window obscuring the text. Also, oftentimes you don’t need any replacement and the replace buttons are just one click away from danger
The Find toolbar is tiny and doesn’t obscure anything, so is much more convenient.
However, it lacks any regex support :frowning:

It’d be nice if the Find toolbar were also as powerful as the Find&Replace one and had all the options (regex, search within selection, whole words etc., if you replace those with some icons with text as shown on mouse hover, they would all fit in the find toolbar)

Is this a feature request?

Anyway, it’s tdf#119200.

Yes, though I was hoping there might be an existing solution or a macro or something (and your helpful link shows that there was a native solution before a regression, so thanks for that)

No, there was no solution and it’s not a regression, the FindBar by accident reused whatever setting the last invocation of Find&Replace had, without indicating what it was nor a possibility to change it.