Add shortcut to Mac dock

I think I’ve installed LibreOffice on Mac correctly - it’s a bit vague - but how do I add a shortcut for just Writer to the dock on Mac? The only thing I have is a shortcut which takes me to the LibreOffice launch window thing. I only want Writer, so would just like a shortcut to that, but I can’t drag it from the window onto the dock or anything. Any ideas?

It’s an inherent problem with the way LibreOffice is designed. Writer is not an application on it’s own right it is an interface for writing and reading text documents inside the larger LibreOffice application. I experience the same issue when trying to pin LibreOffice to my task bar in Windows, I can Pin LibreOffice but not Writer.

Easiest way is to put a template into the dock.

  • create a new document
  • use File|Templates → Save to save as template
  • put that template into the dock

That way, LibreOffice will create a new document when clicking on the entry in the dock.

How do I add the template to the dock? Is it a file I can search for in Finder or with Spotlight?