Add Text within Math symbol


I want to add some Texts within the Math formula like Text(%alpha), where the work “Text” with in the same font as the surrounding text i.e. Calibri.

Can you please tell me how to achieve this with Libreoffice?

Many thanks for your help.

with in the same font as the surrounding text

What is the surrounding text - within Math almost everything has the same font (family - sans/serif/mono aside). So it seems you embed the formula into Writer (or Calc), which has another font than is the default for text in Math. Is that the case? If yes - check Format -> Fonts to modify the fonts in Math.

I’m afraid there’s no way to get a Greek letter by the %-notation inside text enclosed with the formula. You will need to either create the α elsewhere, and to copy/paste it into the plain-text-part inside the formula, or to know the unicode point 03B1 for it, to type this code and then to hit Alt+X for the conversion to the character which also works inside the formula editor.
I also don’t know a way to format (font setting) single literals in plain text differently while using Math. If you want to get Calibri there for text, you will need to choose it as the font for all plain text included with formulas.
Example: CalibriAlphaInFormula.odt
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Yo may also be interested in my exchange with the questioner of Macro to convert text to math formula. There you also find a (not finally “released”) macro for the conversion of delimited text inside Writer to Math formulas.
Additional link: A 'Writer' document contains lots of differently formatted 'Math' formulas. How can I harmonize the formats? Can I use one of the formulas as a kind of template?
Additional hint: There is an extension “FAF” (Formatting All math Formulas). I never used it myself, however.

This is an addition to @Lupp’s answer. He has fully answered about %alpha in literals.

My answer addresses his question about font change within a formula.

There is a limited feature by which you specify the font to be used for the next element as

font <name> { ... }

is one of serif, sans or fixed. Which font face is associated with these keywords is chosen in Format>Fonts. The font change operates only on literals.