Adding .dic files

There are a few questions regarding these but sooner or later the conversation switches to extensions, which i don’t know how to make and which are more complicated than making a .dic file.
Is it still possible to add .dic files as a language to libre office and if yes how?

  1. In Writer go (menu) Tools > Options… > Language Settings > Writing Aids > User-defined Dictionaries

  2. Click on any entry in the user-defined list, say, standard [All], to highlight it. Now click the New… button.

  3. In the dialogue that opens up enter a ‘Name’ for your dictionary and select the language to attach it too. You can also click on the ‘Help’ button and get useful tips on the help page.

I think that is all there is to it, though once you’re done you will want to check that your newly created dictionary is active (make sure there is a ‘tick’ in the appropriate box).

Thank you! Do i have to type in all the words separately or is there a way to import?

Sorry, I don’t know that answer to can you import a word list?

If it was me I would just do an experiment and create a Test.dic and try importing (copy and paste) a list of words into that. As far as I can tell the Test.dic file would just be a plain-text file so (on Windows) open it in Notepad and copy and paste your list of words into that – one word per line and no spaces. Paste the words below the three-dashed-line (—) in the file. If the experiment doesn’t work then just delete the Test.dic in the LibreOffice options.

Maybe someone else will come along that has experience of this and answer your new question. Or you could make a new post with your new question.

Apologies i’m still confused. The first thing you told me creates the test.dic, right? Where would i find the file to edit it? Thank you for the Answers you’ve provided already

If you are on a Windows system you would find Test.dic in the following path:


Alternatively just instruct Windows to do a file search and look for the file Test.dic

If you gave the dictionary a different name just search for that [name].dic

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Thank you! I didn’t think to look in the user directory. Works as long as libre office is closed while editing the file

I just did a quick test in my LibreOffice and, yes, it seems that you can import a list of words into the custom dictionary by copying and pasting the list into the dictionary as I indicated above. Just be sure to open the list in Notepad (plain-text editor will likely be a must for this).

If the list is long and not sorted alphabetically then I would do the following:

(1) paste the list into a Writer document (remember one word per line and no spaces).
(2) Sort the list into alphabetical order. To do that select all the lines of your list then go (menu) Tools > Sort…
(3) Now that the list is sorted select all the list again, copy it, paste it into the Notepad window, save the Notepad file, then close the Notepad window.
(4) You might have to restart LibreOffice for the changes you have made in the new dictionary to take effect.