Adding page numbers to the footer adds to the word count

I noticed that adding page numbers to the footer adds to the word count. Why is this happening and how can I eliminate it? I must track the word count accurately

No such proposal mentioned on Word-Count META bug.

Note that this and other your questions are based on “I am used to what Word does, and I assume that what Word does is the right thing”. See e.g. how taking headers/footers into account may be reasonable. Likely this should be configurable.

I dont know what you are talking about. This question has nothing to do with MS word… I do not even mention MS word in this question. Plus, how you can say “your other questions are based on word”, when in most of my questions I did not even mention MS word and for the 1-2 I mentioned it was just to explain my question better. And yes, the page number adding to the word count is not correct in my opinion… It shouldn’t. But if this is the way in libre writer then at least I know it cannot be adjusted and do manual math.

The fact is that even though this specific question does not mention Word, the other one does, and says explicitly: “From MS word I am used to”. Reading multiple question to get the context is the way I do my part of “to have the facts before saying something”. And I don’t get your point trying to deny something, instead of constructively taking the hint I made about bug tracker?

You said “this question” and “your other questionS” . Both are wrong. You just want to say something and say it no matter what the facts are. I started using librecad yesterday and since then asked several questions as I am trying to learn it. And in one of my several questions I said "from MS word I am used to. So what? What happened? It was to give example. And why do you bring this to a question which has nothing to do with MS word in the first place except only in your mind. I am not going to get permission from you as far as how to ask my question or what to ask. And my questions are appropriate. I do not know what is bug tracker and I do not understand how it can resolve the word count issue which you also did not clarify and at this point it doesnt matter since I will just subtract numbers. Please stop making unnecessary comments

OMG. What “permissions” are you talking about? LOL. Take it as you like - you seem to talk to something only present in your mind, not to what I wrote. "I said “from MS word I am used to. So what? What happened?” - nothing, just I could see some assumptions, and try to comment - not answer even! in context, and then you could take it as offence, and start attacking. Well, shrug.

Manually subtract 1 from the total word count for just the page number, or 6 characters (3 words) for “page number of page count” from the total character (or word) count.

As suggested above you can manually subtract from your total. If you hate math, like me, either don’t add footers until you are happy with the count or turn footers off temporarily at Format Page > Footer.