Adjusting the Print Window

I have been experiencing a problem with LibreOffice. When I go to print something from LibreOffice, the “Print Window” continues beyond the bottom edge of my screen. Usually, with a window, I am able to simply resize it and it maintains the new sizing. I am unable to do that with this window. It does not allow me to resize it. Generally, I would not care and just keep going, except that the button to continue, “OK” is always BELOW the screen and unaccessible. When I attempt to move the window to reveal the button so I can continue, the Window tends to want to attach to the top of the screen and keep the button inaccessible. HELP! I need to readjust this window so that I can have access to all the buttons and functions.


this is #tdf127782. Not sure, if already fixed in upcoming 6.4.4 but latest in 7.0.0 (if I interpret the report correctly) - or you revert to LibreOffice version 6.2.8

Hope that helps.

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