Advance automatically to the next slide when audio ends

I’m using LibreOffice on Debian 12.4 and I’m creating a presentation with Impress.
Some slides contain an audio file and I’d like to advance automatically to the next slide when the audio ends.
I’ve searched the web to no avail, how can this be done?
Thank you for answering…

The Impress Guide can be useful, download from Documentation - The Document Foundation Wiki, look at slide transitions.

I used a wav sample I found that says it is royalty free but for space I converted it to MP3 in VLC. I needed to know the length of the sample which is 5 seconds long.
In Transition, for that slide only, I set

  • Advance Slide to After: 5.00 sec
  • Modify Transition, Sound: Stop previous sound

SoundTransition.odp (107.5 KB)

Thank you for your answer, however this is a workaround because the slide advances after the amount of time you set, not when the audio track ends, as I’m trying to do.
Before asking here I have already searched the Impress guide for a solution but I didn’t find anything…