Advanced filters by color

Advanced filters have the great peculiarity that they are not volatile, that is, I can save them and use them again later.
On the other hand, autofilters and standard filters are not, they are lost when their settings are changed.
On the other hand, with standard filters and autofilters it is possible to filter by background color and font color. Something that I don’t see possible (or I don’t know how to achieve it) with advanced filters.
Having said all that, is it possible to filter by background color and font color using advanced filters?

LibreOffice has a database component.
Even if you insist in editing database data in a calculator, there is a way to connect a spreadsheet document with a database document, define queries for any filters and sort orders and link the sorted/filtered records back to spreadsheets.

LibreOffice Calc has range names with a “Filter” flag. This is just a flag which makes a named range appear in the adv. filter dialog, so you can access a set of filter criteria by name, a tiny little bit like a database query but not as powerful.
Using formatting attributes as data is a terrible misconception. Excel introduced it recently, unfortunately LibreOffice follows. For 3 decades, it was best practice to apply formatting based on cell values (conditional formatting).
Demo file with a marker column to select a row color by the validity feature and conditional formatting and 3 named ranges to filter by color.
menu:Data>Adv.Filter shows the 3 filter names in the left listbox.
conditional_format.ods (67.8 KB)

Hello Villeroy, thank you very much for your response.
I think this boils down to “using format attributes as data is a terrible mistake”. You have convinced me.
I didn’t know about the marker, thanks for exposing this.
Kind regards.