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I have high blood pressure (taking medication) but also suffer from “White coat syndrome” when I visit my doctor. So to confirm my normal blood pressure I record at home daily & then take the data & a quick view chart when I visit the hospital.
That has worked fine for over a year but at my last visit a, new to me, Doctor asked me to record my blood pressure twice a day - once in the morning & once in the evening.
That is simple enough to do & record but how to make a chart that is both readable, but contains the data is beyond me at the moment.
I imagine that the Doctor wants to see the daily reading, but also show the variance between the morning & evening readings as well…
I visit the doctor/hospital once every 4 months.
BP Data.ods (26.7 KB)
Old Data and chart.ods (47.4 KB)

Have you seen this extension Blood Pressure - Weight - BMI » Extensions?

If you had the date in every cell then you could insert a new column before Systolic. In it enter =A3+C3 and format it NN, D MMM YYYY HH:MM AM/PM or similar and drag down.

Entering today’s date in a cell is easy, Ctrl+; and next column the time now Ctrl+Shift+;

If you use an XY Scatter chart it will pick up the time anyway.

Have you seen this extension Blood Pressure - Weight - BMI » Extensions ?

No, I was not aware of that extension. That looks a good solution, thank you. No need to re-invent the wheel… :grinning:

See: How do I change part of the background on a (blood sugar level) line chart - #5 by LeroyG

Unfortunately the graph on the extension is no better than my original graph - there are certainly other ‘bells & whistles’ on it that still makes it interesting to me though.
I think that maybe the solution to my problem is to create a different set of data for AM and PM, create a graph for both & then, somehow, combine the graphs.
I am fine with creating the different sets of data & graphs from them, but how to the combine the two graphs while clearly identifying each ‘set’ of data is beyond me.
Help?? Anyone?? :slightly_smiling_face:

This has been posted as an answer but it is not an answer?

There is an easy trick.
Make two graphs, one on top of the other, making the chart’s area of the graph above transparent.

I am not familiar with the suggested blood pressure data app, but I wonder if a simple spreadsheet and chart showing 4 variables (morning systolic, morning diastolic, evening systolic, and evening diastolic) against an arbitrary day number (used here), calendar day number, or date, would satisfy your need.

BloodPressure.ods (29.7 KB)

Thank you.
Yes, I had gradually come to a similar opinion that is the way to go…

Knowing that you could make a graph transparent was news to me.
Unfortunately, for me, sitting one graph on another proved way to difficult as far as axis labels were concerned. Removing a set of labels resulted in a change of graph size & further sizing issues…