After updating from LibreOffice 5.0 to 6.0 the LibreOffice Base crases when I'm trying to use it.

When I open a database I have been working on in many years (originally created in Access, and transferred to OpenOffice 3.5, and been using and working with, until LibreOffice 5.0), it opens up in Forms. When I try to go to the Table it crashes.

Why is it doing that?


There is information missing in your question. You do not state your OS. Was the installed LO version 32 or 64-bit? Is a crash actually happening or are you getting a error message (and if so what exactly is it).

If you have installed a 64-bit version of LO, the connector may be the problem. See this post for a couple of possible solutions → I got error “The connection to the data source “DB file name” could not be established.”.

If this is not the case, please provide more information on what is installed.

@Krokodille238 Seems I did not explain my last statement clearly enough for you. Detail of the LO installation process is not needed. What is needed is information about your system. LO version (now given as 6.0.5.x but is it 32 or 64 bit?), where did you get LO from, what OS (seems like Linux but what flavor?), what Java is installed (version & bitwise), are the .odb’s connected to Access files?, have you gone through the link(s) in the answer provided?

Re-installing is not the answer.

Also asked for was error message info. You stated upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0 but was the 5.0 32-bit? 6.0 the same or 64-bit.

All this is important to Base - especially when dealing with Access connections!

The version of LibreOffice i have installed, and reinstalled is LibreOffice_6.0.5.2_Linux_x86_deb.
My computer is a OS 32-bit, GNOME 3.26.2
At the end of the installation I get a this message in the installation flow “Processing triggers for shared-mime-info (1.8-1) … Unknown media type in type ‘all/all’ Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles”

Based upon your information, look at the responses in this post → Libreoffice base and java functions