After upgrade, a couple of things are broken

Upgraded Ubuntu to 22.04, LibreOffice likewise upgraded, now is version

  1. IF there are any lines in the cell borders (even 0.05pt in thickness), the active cell can not be seen unless you look at the upper letter bar and the left side number bar. The “standard” gray cell outline allows the active cell to be seen. This is not workable at all!!

  2. The ability to change worksheet tab color is gone. The option is still there in the R-click menu, and the color palette shows up, but selecting a color leaves the tab white.

I started with Lotus 1-2-3, Release 2 (1985)… I would think that all of these sorts of problems would have been solved decades ago.

Hunting for solutions to this, I found VERY little info/advice. I did delete my user profile from the .config/LibreOffice directory, and it was re-created upon restart, but the behavior is the same.

Also, the lack of ability to wrap spreadsheet tabs into multiple rows is also very exasperating. Another “thing” that used to exist and is now gone. :frowning:

Totally not acceptable.

Are you asking some question on this Ask site? Or are you trying to report something?

Note that you also didn’t mention from which LO version have you upgraded, so it’s unclear e.g. if what you see in #1 is a new feature that LibreOffice uses system highlight color to show selected cell borders… Was it some pre-7.3 version?

I know you didn’t ask a question, but as Tavis Ormandy actually ported Lotus 123
I thought you may be interested to use your old software:

This kind of problem is usually related to the widget library and selected theme. Ubuntu uses the GTK+ library, so I assume that the correct package had been loaded/upgraded. Just to be sure, check that a package name like libreoffice-gtk3 (this is the name under Fedora, may be different under Ubuntu) is installed.
Which kind of theme is active? Dark themes cause many problems. If your theme is dark, see if the same problem occurs with a non-dark theme.