Alignment settings changing in Writer table cells each time character entered

Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.4

Whenever I add characters to any cell in my writer table, the alignment changes from left to right, meaning that every time I change anything in a cell, I have to realign it to the left where it is supposed to be.
I can’t think why on earth anyone would want this- the alignment is set to “left” for a reason.
Interestingly any cells that reference the one that has characters entered into it in their forumulae are also affected- they align to the right too- even “protected” cells, which kind of defeats the purpose of protecting them.

Here is an example of the problem, note that if any of the figures in the non-protected cells are changed, their alignment, along with the alignment of reference cells in forumlae, changes as well:
Alignment changing EXAMPLE.odt
Even when the action is undone, the cells remain in the opposite alignment position.

Why is this happening and how do I make it stop!?


Wild guesses as I can’t see your document and my crystal ball is getting an operating system upgrade. . Have you checked that you don’t have a style that may be inheriting some formatting from a parent style? Or is there perhaps direct formatting somewhere?

Perhaps an example would indeed be a good idea, have added one to the original question.

Cannot see any alignment change - neither on Linux (OpenSUSE 15.1) LO nor on MacOS Mojave 10.14.3, LO Installed on Mojave and the problem is reproducable → see Answer.


according to my comment above the solution is: Update to

(I wasn’t able to find a proper bug report on that specific issue but a lot of reports related to alignment in writer tables).